Lusoscreen is a company that manufactures and sells image projection screens. Our fame resides mainly in the product that started it all: our High-Gain screen. This is a screen that raised the quality of projected images to the level of cinema, but with the great innovation of being able to do it outdoors.

The Lusoscreen High-Gain was the first and is still the only projection screen in the world capable of working under direct sunlight.

But we didn't stop there. The success of this screen made many people ask us to supply regular cloth screens as well, and so we did. Since then we have started manufacturing rolling screens, both manual and motorized, which can be made with either front-projection cloth or rear-projection material.

Over the years we've tried to continuously improve our products and conquer new markets.

With the increasing quality of the most recent projectors, home theathers have become widely popular. However, the need to darken the room, the lack of contrast whenever there's a little bit of light, the lack of image dynamic and the insufficient brightness of 3D projectors drove us to create a screen that would fix all these issues. The Lusoscreen Home Cinema screens are the missing piece that home theaters need to achieve their maximum quality.

As a company primarily set on innovation, our activities have spread to several other fields. From touch-screen tables, to flight simulators, to glassless mirrors, to optical adapters for special projections (for instance, in a dome), we have and always will continue to imagine and create new products.

Feel free to contact us to see everything we can do for you.