The Lusoscreen High-Gain is the definitive screen for image projection outdoors. It is the only projection screen in the world able to work with the lights on, the windows open and even under direct sunlight.

It is 26 times brighter and has 359 times more contrast than a standard white surface. It is also greatly immune to ambient light, meaning it reflects only the light that comes from the projector, discarding all other light sources.

In normal conditions this screen delivers brightness and contrast many times higher than other screens available on the market. And when used outdoors, it is the only screen that maintains a good image quality.

In similar conditions, a Lusoscreen High-Gain with a low brightness projector will always outshine a white cloth screen with a high end projector.

The main market for this screen is bars, schools, restaurants, offices, outdoor shows and events, etc.

Despite the many attempts to replicate our technology throughout the world, the Lusoscreen High-Gain is still, by far, the brightest screen in the world.