The Lusoscreen Home-Cinema Brightstar was designed for people who can't have a dedicated room in their house for cinema but would still like to have an image with high quality and brightness.

These screens were optimized to deliver the best picture to a couch of three or four people, as they are very immune to parasitic light sources, especially when they come from the sides. In regular screens, light is wasted on the ceiling and the sides, where no one is watching. When using the Lusoscreen Home-Cinema Brightstar, all that light is instead directed to the area of the couch, ensuring that's where the best possible picture is — sharp, highly contrasted and with an incomparable dynamic, even with some ambient light.

When it comes to contrast, there are several ways to measure it and each seller tries to use the most favourable one. In our modest opinion, what is actually important is what our eyes can perceive. Considering measures that go way beyond our visual scope is pure marketing with no substance. As such, within the values our eyes can perceive, the Lusoscreen Home-Cinema Brightstar definitely has the best contrast among the screens available on the market.

Since these screens are designed specifically for home cinema, the wooden bars on the side can be customized to match the color of the furniture in the room. This way, the screen itself becomes part of the decoration.

To know if this screen model is the best for you, don't hesitate to contact us.