The Lusoscreen Fixed Screens are ideal for dedicated home theather rooms. They can be made with white cloth with gain 1 or gray cloth with gain slightly below 1 for better contrast.

A projection screen can become part of the room's decoration. It does not necessarily need to be hidden. Many people opt for electric or manual rolling screens, but with time and lazyness, they end up leaving them open most of the time.

In some rooms you can certainly integrate a fixed screen, like a painting on the "limits of abstraction". It has the advantage of always being perfectly tensioned and, like a magical window, it opens to the world by turning on the projector.

Like all our screens, the size and format can be customized. It may also have, or not, a black velvet border for better image clipping. These screens can also be manufactured with translucent material so that the image can be projected on the back to be seen in the front.

To know if this screen model is the best for you, don't hesitate to contact us.